Saturday, October 18, 2008

Almost the end of the semester....

I has almost come to the end of the semester where we'll need to sit for our final 'quiz' very soon... Throughout the year, i learn and manage to master the skills of using the SMARTBOARD and also developing teaching materials out of it. I think my pupils will love me a lot as I believe that i can make my lessons more interesting. Of course, i'll still need to ensure that I am good and professional enough to teach the kids...

Technology... My perspective towards this term was very narrow that I can only relate it to gadgets such as computer, LCD projectors and IWB in classrooms. But, now I realize that there are a lot of things that I can do with technology in the classroom. Not only that teacher can exchange and share knowledge, lesson plans, exam paper and also materials on the net, even pupils are able to have the acess to more information, study notes and exam paper of different states in Malaysia. I recently learnt from a friend of mine that we can actually download trial exam paper and also forecast papers from the internet. For SPM or PMR pupils, the internet might be a good place to go to learn more and see how well you do.

The study life now is indeed very different from before where put teacher need to bring in picture cards and those sitting behind can never see those pictures clearly (though i had never had this problem due to my height, and I am always sitted in front of the class). Pictures, notes, reading text can all be clerly projected on the screen.

Those days when we were still doing our revision on the inch thick books, lucky kids nowaday have access to the internet, online education programme such as Score-A which is also recognized by the ministry of education to publish past year government exam papers. No more thick book, and shelf fuul of excersize books that can never be finished. Just a few clicks on the mouse and keyboard, there goes their revision. Good isn't it?

The use of technology is getting wider each day. Teachers in school should keep themselves updated with the latest technology and also source of knowledge to help their pupils learn more in class. The saying 'Don't teach your children what is taught yesterday but teach then the future' is suitable to describe the use of technology in classrooms. Not to forget that teachers must make sure that they are prepared for the lessons and equipe themselves with the knowledge that they need.

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